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Here is a complete list of all the areas available for Cattle classes both Beef and Dairy. 

Cattle- Class B

All animals must be entered prior to the show.  All animals must have traceability tags to be admitted to the grounds. Animals must be on the grounds by 11am to be judged. Judging starts at 12:30pm. All cattle must remain on the grounds until 4:00pm to be eligible for prize money. All animals, unless otherwise specified, must be owned by the exhibitor.
All exhibitors of animals MUST have liability insurance included on their entry form. Please sign waiver when submitting your entry form.
 No animal with evidence of communicable disease (ringworm, pinkeye, warts, etc.) will be allowed on the grounds.
No membership fees will be charged but all exhibitors WILL be charged admission to the fair.

Please note our new Livestock Exhibitor Form to comply with new government trace-ability guidelines.


Chairs- Fred Taylor (905) 986-4897          Nicole Beechey (289) 356-6707

Prizes-  1st-$35   2nd-$30   3rd-$25    4th-$20    5th-$15    6th-$10 Angus, Limousin, Hereford, Charolais--please indicate breed on entry form.

 1.    Bull calf-born 2019- minimum six months of age on Fair Day

2.    Bull, born April 1, 2018-December 31, 2018

3.    Bull, born January 1, 2018-March 31, 2018

4.    Champion Bull, rosettes only

5.    Female calf, born 2019, minimum six months of age on Fair Day

6.    Female, born April 1, 2018-December 31, 2018

7.    Female, born January 1, 2018-March 31, 2018

8.    Female, born 2017, with her own natural 2019 calf

9.    Champion Female, rosettes only

10.Breeders Herd, group of 4, bred by exhibitor, both sexes represented, must be exhibited in previous classes.  At least one animal must be owned by exhibitor.  One entry per exhibitor.  Must be listed on entry form.  $40 to show

Note: If there are fewer than 2 herds (minimum of 4 animals per herd) only 50% of the prize money will be paid. Exotic and British breeds will not be shown together.

11. Showmanship- Open- Children 9 years of age and younger with beef animal (not eligible 4-H age)
Prize- $5 to show
Sponsored by Cedardale Charolais (The Nesbitt Family)
in memory of Keith Goble 


Chair-    Glenn Barkey                     (905) 655-5812

Prizes—1st--$35   2nd--$30  3rd--$25  4th--$20  5th--$15  6th--$10

 Open Show- ALL Dairy Breeds (Holstein, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Canadienne and Milking Shorthorn) to be shown together. Pedigrees, production records and health certificates may be checked at the Fair. Official breed association documents are acceptable.

1.        Junior Calf, born March 1, 2019-May 31, 2019

2.       Intermediate Calf, born December 1, 2018-February 28, 2019

3.       Senior Calf, born September 1, 2018-November 30, 2018

4.       Summer Yearling, born June 1, 2018-August 31, 2018

5.       Junior Yearling, born March 1, 2018-May 31, 2018

Sponsored by Vanlea Holsteins

6.       Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion Female, rosettes only

7.       Junior Herd, 3 animals, not necessarily owned by one person, ribbons

Dairy Showmanship

Prizes-  1st-$10   2nd-$8   3rd-$6    4th-$5    $4 to show 

8.       Pre-Novice,  under 9 years,  showing a dairy calf

9.       Novice 4-H, 9-11 years, showing a dairy calf

10.    Junior 4-H, 12-14 years, showing a dairy calf

11.    Senior 4-H, 15-21 years, showing a dairy calf

Classes 1-4 sponsored by Port Perry Veterinary Services

Classes 8-11 sponsored by Durham Holstein Club 

 Durham East 4-H Clubs

Animals should be on the fairgrounds by 9:30am
4-H Achievement Day starts at 10:00am

Durham East 4-H Goat Club

Durham East 4-H Sheep Club

Durham East 4-H Beef Club

Durham East 4-H Swine Club

Durham West 4-H Mini Tractor Pulling

Each member will receive $5 for exhibiting their animal.
Sponsored by the Blackstock Agricultural Society

Durham East 4-H Woodworking Club
The woodworking club for their achievement day will be displaying their projects in the arena. Each member will receive $5 for exhibiting.
Sponsored by Lake Scugog Lumber, Port Perry

4-H Club Exhibits

1.       Open to any 4H Club in the Durham East 4H Council Area.

2.       Exhibits must reflect the subject area of a 2018 or Fall 2017 topic.

3.       Each club may place one exhibit at the Fair.

4.       Exhibits should be placed on display between 10 and 11:30am on Friday August 24 and remain on display until 5pm Saturday August 25.

5.       Exhibits will be judged.

Prizes: $15   $12   $10   $5 to show

Sponsored by Lake Scugog Lumber, Port Perry



Champion Showperson Competition

Sponsored by Tim Campbell, Territory Manager for Gallagher Fencing Systems.

Prizes:  1st-$75   2nd- $65   3rd- $60   4th- $50

This competition will take place immediately following the last showmanship competition listed above at approximately 3:30pm. Competitors will receive a cash prize on the day of the event. 

Open to 1st place overall show person in Beef, Dairy, Goat & Sheep competition as chosen by the judges in their respective classes on the day of the fair. Not necessarily a 4-H member.

Each participant will be required to show each of the four animals
Effort will be made to ensure that the animals used in each class are NOT the 4-H projects of any of the participants.

Participants will be judged on their showmanship ability with each animal. The competition will be held in the beef ring following the completion of breed specific classes. The competition will be judged by the judges from each of these classes during the fair. Points will be assigned to each competitor as follows: 1st: 10 2nd: 7 3rd: 5 4th: 3

 In the event of a tie the score of the class that the exhibitor won to earn them a spot in this competition will be dropped from the scoring. If required, final decision on the overall placement will be based on the discretion of the panel of judges.