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Here is a complete list of all the areas available for Parade classes.
Click the link below for a complete copy of only the Parade Section of the Fair Book. 

2018 Opening Parade

Chairs- Barry VanCamp and Steven Backs (905) 914-0007

** PLEASE NOTE** All adults participating in the parade will have the opportunity to purchase their wrist band at a reduced rate of $5.00.

All drivers of vehicles or individuals riding animals must sign a waiver to participate in the parade. The Fair Board will not be responsible for any accidents which may occur during the Parade.

Parade to leave the Cartwright Central Public School at 10:30 a.m. sharp. Please assemble by 9:30 a.m. for placement.

There is NO parade theme this year. We want everyone to use their imagination!

Prizes- $25 TO SHOW (Classes 1 – 9)

1.       Comic Costume
2.       Comic Group
3.       Decorated Bicycle ridden by a child over 8 years of age.
4.       Decorated Bicycle or Tricycle ridden by a child under 8 years of age.
5.       Decorated Doll Carriage or Wagon
6.       Novelty Outfit worn by a child.
7.       Vintage costumes worn by couple walking in parade. (Wear a sign showing year)
8.       Vintage costume worn by a person walking in the parade. (Wear a sign showing year)
9.       Antique Car or Truck
10.   Pleasure Class, Saddle Horse or Pony
11.   Vintage Tractor, with working brakes for safety  $25.00 TO SHOW Sponsored by the family of Lorne McKee

Prizes- $75 TO SHOW (Classes 12 – 13)

12.   Decorated Commercial Float - drawn by vehicle.
13.   Decorated Float – Non-commercial 8’ and up – Family float
14.   Mini Float, up to 8’, excluding tractor.

Fair Day Specials!

Please register at the fair office by 4:00 p.m. for the following specials.

Prizes-  $25 for the winner of each special

SPECIAL 1 - Couple that have come the farthest distance to the fair
SPECIAL 2 - Person that has come the farthest distance to the fair
SPECIAL 3 - Couple married the longest
SPECIAL 4 – Couple married the shortest
SPECIAL 5 - Oldest person attending the fair
SPECIAL 6 - Youngest person attending the fair


Sponsored by Denise Aston, The Co-operators, Port Perry

Winning couple receives $100.
2nd Place couple receives $75.
3rd  Place couple receives $50.

Tractor & wagon provided

1.       Contest is open to couples who are both over 16 years of age.
2.       One member of the couple will be the driver of a lawn tractor and will be blindfolded while the other member of the couple will sit in attached wagon giving directions through an obstacle course. Touching the driver will result in a disqualification.
3.       This is a timed event; each obstacle/pylon which is hit will result in a penalty of 5-seconds being added to actual time to determine the total time. Fastest total time is the winner.
4.       Decision of the judges is final. NO PROTEST