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New Exhibitor

New Exhibitor

Hooray! You're thinking about exhibiting at Blackstock Fair! We're so excited to see your amazing work. 
Here is the information you need to know.

How to Enter 

  1.  Look at our fair book to see what you can enter. 
    **There is a beginning knitter category (K8 in the fairbook) 
  2. Fill out an entry form for all the things you might want to enter. 
    • When you fill out your form. Class is the letter listed on the top of the fairbook, Section is the number and nature of exhibit is what you've entered. 
      Ex: If I entered white bread it would be
      Class: L, Section: 1, Nature of Exhibit: White Bread
  3. Send your entry form by mail or email to our secretary. 
  4. Pick up your entry tags. You can do this when you drop off your items. 
  5. Drop off your items at the Blackstock Rec Centre. 
    *** TIP: bring scotch tape, safety pins, etc to fasten your tags on***
  6. Come to the fair and see what prizes you won!
  7. Pick up your items at 5:15pm on Fair Day at the rec centre. 
Your entry form might look like this. 

Your entry form might look like this. 

The Rules

You can find all the rules in the fair book or if you're unsure you can ask our secretary or the president of the area you're looking to enter. Here are some basics to get you started:

- You can only enter 1 item per class except for livestock which can be two animals per class. 
- All work must be original.
- Sewing and needlework should be clean. 
- All baking should be on a disposable plate in a plastic bag.

The Dates

There are a few dates to be aware of if you want to enter something in the fair. 

All entries are due to our secretary the Saturday before the fair. 
Your items need to be dropped off at the Blackstock Rec Centre either the Thursday before from 7-8pm or Friday before 11:30am. 

All exhibits are picked up the Saturday of the fair starting at 5:15pm.