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Plants & Flowers

Plants and Flowers

Here is a complete list of all the areas available for Plants and Flowers classes.
Click the link below for a complete copy of only the Plants and Flowers section of the Fair Book. 

Plants and Flowers- Class P

Sponsored by Wagg Funeral Home

Cut flowers should be shown with their own foliage. Judging in accordance with Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards Publication 34/2003.

Prizes-  1st-$4   2nd-$3  3rd-$2   

1.       Amaranthus, 1 stem, any variety

2.       Asters, 3 blooms, any colours

3.       Begonia, 1 bloom with foliage, floating in dish,  9” or less

4.       Calendula, 3 stems, any variety

5.       Celosia, 3 stems, any variety

6.       Cosmos, 1 spray

7.       Dahlia, 3 blooms, under 4”, any variety

8.       Dahlia, 1 bloom,  4” and over

9.       Dahlia, 3 blooms, mixed varieties

**Gladiolus stems below bottom floret should  not exceed 18”

10.   Gladiolus, 1 spike,  red

11.   Gladiolus, 1 spike,  yellow

12.   Gladiolus- 1 spike,  pink, salmon or orange

13.   Gladiolus- 1 spike,  bi-colour or bi-tone

14.   Gladiolus- 1 spike,  any colour or variety

15.   3 Hosta leaves, 4”-10” (measure from tip to intersection with stem)

16.   Hydrangeas, 1 stem

17.   Marigold, 3 blooms,  1”-2”

18.   Marigold, 3 blooms, over 2”

19.   Petunias, single, 3 sprays

20.   Petunias, double, 3 sprays

21.   Phlox, 1 stem

22.   Hybrid Tea Rose, 1 bloom

23.   Miniature Rose, 1 bloom or spray

24.   Rose, any other variety, (climbing, floribunda, etc),1 stem or spray

25.   Salvia, 3 stems, any variety

26.   Everlasting, 3 stems, any variety, 3 stems, not dried  

27.   Zinnias, 3 blooms, under 2”, any variety

28.   Zinnias, 3 blooms, 2” and over, any variety

29.   Any other Annual, 3 blooms/stems if small, 1 bloom/stem if large

30.   Any other Perennial, 3 blooms/stems if small, 1 bloom/stem if large

31.   African Violet, single or double, one crown

32.   African Violet, any other(miniature, trailing, etc.)

33.   Geranium, potted, in bloom

34.   Any other Flowering House Plant

35.   Fern in a pot, house plant  

36.   Any other Foliage House Plant

Decorative Classes
 Prizes-  1st-$5   2nd-$4  3rd-$3   4th-$2

37.   “Afternoon Tea”, a design in cup and saucer

38.   “Beside Still Waters”, a water viewing design with ½-2/3 of container surface showing water

39.   “Simplicity”,  a miniature design not to exceed 5” in any direction

40.    “Dinner Date”, a design for dining table, candles allowed

41.   “Rain Forest”, a design using only foliage, no flowers allowed

42.   “Secret Garden”, a miniature garden, no larger than 18”x18”. Plant material may be cut or rooted, fresh or dried. Soil is permitted

43.   “Wild Beauty”,  a design using wild material, flowers, leaves, mosses, etc.

44.   “Pick a Plunk”, collection of seasonal material grown by exhibitor, picked and artfully plunked into a container of your choice

Best in Design Classes 37-44.  Prize- $25, Rosette awarded
Sponsored by
Pine Ridge Garden Club

Prizes-  1st-$10   2nd-$8  3rd-$5   4th-$2

45.   Outdoor Hanging Basket, 1 or more plants of the same variety or plant family

46.   Outdoor Hanging Basket, 3 or more different plant varieties

Sponsored by A. Oppers Windows and Doors, Port Perry

Most Points- P 37-46 will receive a $25 gift certificate
Sponsored by
Otter’s Greenhouse

47.   SPECIAL: “Bloom Where You are Planted”- an outdoor planter, containing a minimum of 3 different plant varieties.  Cut flowers may be included. Accessories allowed. 
Prizes: 1st- approx. $30 value
             2nd- approx. $25 value
             3rd- approx. $20 value
Sponsored by Canadian Tire Store, Port Perry


Junior Flowers- Class JF

Open to children, Grade 8 and under

Prizes-  1st-$3   2nd-$2   3rd-$1.50    4th-$1   5th- 0.75   

1.       Marigolds, 3 blooms, over 2” (5cm)

2.       Hosta, 3 leaves, variegated, same variety

3.       Hosta, 3 leaves, non-variegated, same variety

4.       Hydrangea, 1 stem

5.       Rose, 1 bloom

6.       Rudbeckia (Black eyed Susan), 3 blooms

7.       Sunflower Head

8.       Zinnia, 3 blooms

9.       Any other Annual, 1 spray or bloom

10.   Any other Perennial, 1 spray or bloom

11.   Any Potted Plant

Junior Flower Arrangements
JF 12-15 Sponsored by Grace Bajema
Prizes-  1st-$4   2nd-$3.50   3rd-$3    4th-$2.50   5th- $2  

12.   “Coffee Time”- an arrangement in a coffee mug

13.   “Leafing Out”, an arrangement using different types of leaves

14.   “Mucking Around”, an arrangement using different types of wildflowers, grasses, bulrushes, etc. in a boot or shoe

15.   “Pick and Plunk”, a collection of seasonal garden grown material, picked and artfully plunked into container of your choice


Most Points: JF 1-15      1st-$12   2nd-$8   3rd-$5
Sponsored by
Pine Ridge Garden Club


NEW! Sunflower Growing Contest

Open to elementary school students and younger.  Entries to be at Kids’ World by 11 a.m. Fair Day.  Please have tag with name and class attached.  All children entering a sunflower will receive a treat.

Class 1                   Tallest sunflower

Class 2                   Biggest head/flower

Class 3                   Smallest head/flower

Prizes will be awarded by 3 p.m.